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Face Mask

3 Ply mask made with soft, light weight and highly breathable inner layer. Mask is gentle and non-irritating, remains cool on the skin for ultimate ease and comfort. Adjustable nose piece helps customize the fit. Ear loops ties are soft, stretchable and latex free.


Name Description Size Packaging
FME Economical Face Mask 17.5cm X 9.5cm, 20g*20g*20g, BFE ≤ 95% 50 pcs/box, 40 box/case
FMP Premium Face Mask 17.5cm x 9.5cm, 23g*23g*23g,BFE ≤ 99% 50 pcs/box, 40 box/case
FMT Tie on Face Mask 17.5cm x 9.5cm, 23g*23g*23g, BFE ≤ 99% 50 pcs/box, 40 box/case

Protective Glass

Protective glass with exquisite design protect eyes from being injured. Anti-fog, anti-hard light, anti-ultraviolet rays with smooth surface provide greater comfort. Anti-Scratch eyewear offers excellent protection and opal view. UV Protection Glass Protect 98% UVrays.


Code Color Packaging
PE - 001UVO Orange 12 pcs/box, 12 box/case
PE - 002UVR Red 12 pcs/box, 12 box/case
PE - 003CL Clear ( Transparent ) 12 pcs/box, 12 box/case
PEF - 004 Clear with frame ( Blue, Yellow & Red ) 12 pcs/box, 18 box/case

Face Shield

Protective shields are made of first quality Anti-fog transparent material to provide complete safety to the face. The shield provides full facial protection (nose, mouth, eyes) with an excellent optical view.


Name Code Description Size Packaging
Face shield FS Face shield with elastic 33cmX22cm 10 pcs/bag,
20 bag/case
Face shield wih
FSF Frame with 10 shield 24cmX18cm 1 set/box,
39 box/case

Bouffant Cap

The Bouffant Cap is made of excellent Spun bound PP non-woven material. The Cap is ideal for maintaining cleanness and hygiene where top covering is compulsory. The cap is highly breathable, light weight and antistatic with elegant look


Name Description Size Weight Color Packaging
BC - 001 Strip Type 21in 12 g Blue 100 pcs/bag,10 bag / case
BC - 002 Round Type 31in 30 g Blue 100 pcs/bag, 10 bag / case

SMS Lab Coats and Lab Jackets

Unisex protective apparel Lab Coat and Jacket is made from top quality, 3-Layer SMS Fabric, which is soft, breathable and fluid-resistant. It is designed for best protection, offers the right fit and is available in attractive and fashionable colors. It has knitted cuffs and collar with pockets. Jackets are of hip length and coats are knee length.


Code Size Color Packaging
LC S, M, L and XL Blue, White, Lavender & Pink 10 pcs/ bag, 5 bag/case
LJ S, M, L and XL Blue, White, Lavender & Pink 10 pcs/ bag, 5 bag/case

Isolation Gown

Tie Back Protective Gown is latex free and gives complete safety to avoid cross contamination as a result of blood and water splashes while operating. It provides cover from neck to below knee and has fitted cuffs on the hands. Available in regular gown and pre-sterile kit. Gown is anti blood, alcohol and static.


Code Description Size Weight Packaging
MPG Non Sterile 115cm x 137cm 30 10 pcs/bag, 5 bag/case
SPG Sterile 115cm x 137cm 35 50 bag/case

Surgical Implant Kit

Designed to maximize efficiency and simplify surgical rocedures, offer a range of surgical kits specially configured to meet doctor’s need for virtually all clinical scenarios. The kit layout feature logical, easy-to-follow protocol flow, to assist in economizing time and effort for every phase of surgery.


Code Description Size Weight Packaging Packaging
IMPLC Surgical Gown
Surgical Hats
Hand Towel
Face Mask
Surgical Drap
Fenestrated Surgical Drape
Protective Sleeve for Tubing
Pairs of Non Slip
Shoe Covers

80 cm x 100 cm
160 cm x 170 cm
8 cm x 120 cm
2 pcs
2 pcs
2 pcs
2 pcs
1 pc
1 pc
2 pcs
2 pcs
Blue 20 kit/case

dental_oro_Dental_Apron dental_oro_Dental_Apron

Dental Apron

Easy to wear dental Apron is of 2 ply (one ply tissue + one ply poly) with non-woven material tie. The tissue is with good absorbing capacity and pattern is perfect to channelize the water downward.


Code Size Color Packaging
IMPLC 13 in x 18 in 36 cm x 50 cm Blue, Green 100 pcs/bag, 6 bag/case

Patient Bib and Clips

3 ply patient Bib is made of soft tissue and poly of highly absorbent nature. The bonding of 2 ply tissues and 1 ply poly securely together to eliminate separation of layers, and reinforced edges provide added strength and durability. The tissues resist ripping even when wet, and can therefore double as a counter top drape for soaking up fluids.
Twisted clips are suitable to use with the bibs while operating on patient. Sufficient length ensures comfort. Autoclave up to 120°C.


Product Code Dimensions Color Packaging
Bib PB 33cm x 45cm
(13in x 18in)
Blue, Pink, Green, Purple,
Orange, White, Yellow
125 pcs/bag, 4 bag/case
Bib clip PBC F16.25 in Blue, Pink, Purple and White 20 pcs/bags, 40 bags/case