Plastic Accessories

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Denture Box

Denture Box is a robust storage container and is ideal for hygienic storage of dentures, braces, gum shields and other orthodontic devices. The boxes are made of sterilized material to keep them healthy and clean.


Code Description Dimensions Color Packaging
DB Denture Box 99mm x 77mm x 59mm Clear Blue & Green, White, Orange & Yellow 12 pcs/box, bulk-296 pcs/case
DB-002 Denture Box with Tray 86mm x 78mm x 78mm Dark Green,
Green with white box
4 pcs/box, bulk-180 pcs/case

Retainer Box

Retainer Box is made of sturdy plastic to protect patient’s retainer from bacteria or breakage. Box include vent holes.


Code Dimensions Color Packaging
RDB -01 80mm x 78mm x 28mm Yellow, Clear Blue, Clear Green,
Rose Red, White, Pink
12 pcs/box or
450 pcs bulk
RDB -02 80mm x 66mm x 27mm Yellow, Blue, Green, Rose Red,
12 pcs/box or
400 pcs bulk

Dental Plastic Tray

Plastic Tray is used to keep surgical instruments. The surgical instrument tray is made from optimum quality plastic ensuring long durability. The plastics tray is designed in such a way that instruments can be kept systematically. Autoclave applicable tray is easy to sterile.


Code Size Dimension Slot Color
DT Autoclave Dental tray 336mm x 240mm x 23mm Green, Blue & Pink 40 pcs/case
ADIPT Autoclave instrument tray 200mm x 99mm x 25mm White 55 pcs/case
DIPT Disposable instrument tray 284mm x 186mm x 17mm White, Orange, Green,
Blue & Yellow
50 pcs/box,
20 box/case

Dental Kit

The Dental kits are pre sterile by EO and are ready to use kits made with ABS material. The Kit includes instruments necessary for a routine dental examination of patients, for polishing and surgery. Ready to use kit minimize tray set-up time. Hygienic Single use, eliminates cross contamination.


Code Kit Description Color Packaging
DK - 001 3 Pc Kit Mirror, Probe, Tweezer White & Blue 100 set/box,
6 box/case
DK - 002 8 Pc Kit Mirror, Probe, Tweezer, Cotton roll,
Applicator tip,Saliva Ejector, Dental Bib, & Tray
White & Blue 600 set/case

X - Ray Film Holder

Angled with both ends working, in order to take both anterior & posterior films. Helps in taking perfect & accurate pictures. X-ray film holder helps to align with the appropriate tooth structure easily and precisely every time. Saves time and eliminates errors; is patient friendly. Made of sturdy precision moulded plastic.


Code Size Color Packaging
XH - 001 126mm x25mm x11 mm White 4 pcs box, 200 box/case

Compule Gun

Designed to deliver the material with easy handling of compule tips, i.e. direct and precise placement of the composite and composer restorative into the cavity. Injection guns match up with most of the charging barrel, best choice for sticky material.


Code Size Packaging
CMG160 150 mm x 100mm 160 pcs/box

Drinking Cup and Dispenser

The outside wall of the cups are embossed to provide sufficient grip and avoid accidental slipping. Easily fits in ORO Drinking cup dispenser. Dispenser is of high quality sturdy plastic with smart look & style. Convenient to dispense one cup at one time while keeping other cup cover inside the dispenser. It can be stuck or permanently screwed at any desired location.


Name Code Description Color Packaging
Drinking Cup DC Stick & screw Beige 1 pc/box, 60box
Cup Dispenser DCD 5Oz density White, Blue, Pink, Green &
100 pcs/bag,
10 bag/case

Micro Applicator and Dispenser

Micro Applicator tip is non-linting and non-absorbent with featured bendable handle. Designed for precision placement of bonding agents, etchants, haemostatic solutions, cavity liners and disclosing solutions. Facilitates the proper placement of material into difficult areas. Available in multiple colors for easy identification with variant sizes.

The convenient dispenser dispenses one brush at a time without fumbling, and reduces the chance of cross contamination and keep tips safe inside. Available in different colors for easy identification of sizes.


Name Code Size Color Packaging
Micro Applicator MA #1, Superfine White 100 pcs/tube,
160 tube/case
Micro Applicator MA #2, Fine Yellow and Mauve 100 pcs/tube,
160 tube/case
Micro Applicator MA X-Slim Black 100 pcs/tube,
160 tube/case
Micro Applicator Dispenser DMAD -- Blue, White and
1 pcs /box,
40 box/case